1. plasmatics-life:

    Down and into the darkness - {by Jørn Allan Pedersen} | {Website}

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  2. Different types of cat-walking. 

  3. Hella straight blue-plate E30! I’m 100% sure the toupée’d driver bought it brand new.

  5. #flythecoupe @24hoursoflemons @thunderhillracewaypark #VoddenTheHellAreWeDoing @eyesoreracing

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    I just love this. 

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  7. Hot, lazy Sunday. #hugecattakesuphalfthedamnbed

  8. Hilarious

  9. jacqalan:

    Rally Safari 1974 . Datsun 240Z

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  10. maggie-stiefvater:

    Here, I went out and got them for you.

    I need some of these someday.